Book Chapter – The Role of Personal Values in Social Entrepreneurship

My first book chapter just hit the press.

I wrote Chapter 4: The Role of Personal Values in Social Entrepreneurship in Patterns in Social Entrepreneurship Research Edited by Jill Kickul and Sophie Bacq

In this chapter, I examine the question of how an entrepreneur’s values influence the kind of venture s/he will create. I draw on values theories from social psychology to explain the role of values as drivers of entrepreneurial action with the purpose of creating social or environmental benefits over and above economic benefits. I argue that entrepreneurs will place varying levels of priority on values focused on either self-enhancement or self-transcendence and that these prioritizations will strongly influence the importance they place on creating economic or social benefits through their ventures. I provide a framework for understanding how values motivate social entrepreneurs to create non-economic value.

[su_heading align=”left”]Citation: Conger, M. 2012. The Role of Personal Values In Social Entrepreneurship. In J. Kickul & S. Bacq (Eds.), Patterns in Social Entrepreneurship Research: 87–109. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.[/su_heading]