Colorado Flood Relief

Many people have asked me about the flooding here in Colorado. My family and I live about a half mile from the major flooding that affected a significant portion of Longmont, CO. Fortunately, our house was unaffected but the destruction here (especially in Longmont, Boulder, Lyons, Estes Park, Jamestown, and several other small mountain towns) is difficult to fathom without seeing it first hand. We have several friends and colleagues who suffered major damage and some even lost their homes completely.

So much relief work remains to be done here. In many places mud and debris are still being cleared weeks after the water has subsided. Rebuilding, in many cases, will take a year or more. Our church is hosting a team from World Renew, an NGO focused on long-term disaster relief and rebuilding. They plan to stay for at least 18months.

Some people from outside of Colorado have asked if/how they can help. I’m happy to say there is now a coordinated flood relief donation initiative. They are accepting donations and selling t-shirts and stickers to raise money for relief efforts. If you are interested in helping, check out their website or, contact me personally and I will be happy to connect you with one or more of the many different organizations that are working here along the front range.

Image Credit – “Rescue at South Pratt and Boston Ave.”  by Bryce Bradford, used under CC BY 2 / Cropped from original