Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Knowledge-Related Resourcefulness for Growth in Weak Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Rawhouser, Sutter, Holzaepfel, Conger, and Newbert (Forthcoming)

Entrepreneurs need to access knowledge to grow, but weak entrepreneurial ecosystems tend to lack the types of knowledge that foster venture growth. To explore how entrepreneurs can act resourcefully as they overcome local ecosystem deficiencies in efforts to grow, we conducted 78 interviews with growth-oriented entrepreneurs in Central America. These entrepreneurs, perceiving that their ecosystem was subordinate to stronger ecosystems, challenged local knowledge, prompting them to engage in knowledge-related resourcefulness, which involves reorienting network targets (resourceful cognition) and assembling network tie proxies (resourceful behavior), to leverage benefits from both local and distant entrepreneurial ecosystems in pursuit of steady organic growth.


Rawhouser, Hans, Chris Sutter, Natalie Holzaepfel, Michael Conger, & Scott Newbert. “Knowledge-Related Resourcefulness for Growth in Weak Entrepreneurial Ecosystems” forthcoming in Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice